Infopreneur Summit
The Virtual Conference for Beginning + Budding Infopreneurs
Infopreneur Summit
Ready to Turn Your Life Experience Into Income?
40+ master infopreneurs and online business pros share their expertise about building a profitable empire based on your own life experience, knowledge and passions.
February 19 - 22, 2018
The Infopreneur Summit speakers have been featured in...
The Infopreneur Summit speakers have been featured in...
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All interviews will go live for 24 hours on the day specified at 10am eastern (New York City time).
DAY 1   :   February 19, 2018   :   "Getting Started"
DAY 1 : February 19, 2018
Bailey Richert
What is Infopreneurship?
Andrea Beltrami
The Importance of Choosing a Niche
Sam Bell
The Basics of Branding
Samantha McHone
Strategic Branding
Amanda Creek
Brand Personality
Michelle Knight
The Power of a Personal Brand
Christie Bilbrey
Become an Influencer by Sharing Your Personal Story
Louise Henry
The Importance of Expert Status with Your Website
Christy Westerfeld
Making Your Website Legally Compliant
Bobby Klinck
Written Agreements for Infopreneurs
Maggie Giele
Understanding the Stages of Business
Caroline Guntur
Digital Organization Best Practices
DAY 2   :   February 20, 2018   :   "Getting Seen"
DAY 2 : February 20, 2018
Lotanna Ezeogu
The Importance of Building a Business Network
Chris Well
Getting Publicity 101
Melanie Downey
7 Simple Ways to Find the Right Reporters to Pitch
Dorie Clark
Why You Should Pursue Blogging for Well-Known Publications
Nicole Holland
Podcast Guesting 101
Ashley Mason
Creating a Social Media Strategy
Michelle Lewis
The Importance of Visibility Online
Phil Gerbyshak
Meera Kothand
The Basics of Content Marketing
Bailey Richert
Virtual Summits 101
DAY 3   :   February 21, 2018   :   "Getting Paid"
DAY 3 : February 21, 2018
Tonya Rineer
Money Mindset
Amber Dugger
5 Steps to Get Your Money Sorted
Stacy Tuschl
5 Steps to Creating an Irresistible Offer
Kirsten Oliphant
Self-Publishing 101
TIna Dietz
Audiobooks 101
Chad R. Allen
How to Get Traditionally Published 101
Michael Marcial
Online Courses
Addi Ganley
Affiliate Marketing 101
Taylor Manning
How to Get Started Coaching
Liz Theresa
The Importance of Copywriting
Liz White
Sales Pages 101
Julie Stoian
Webinars 101
DAY 4   :   February 22, 2018   :   "Getting Sustainable"
DAY 4 : February 22, 2018
Lydia Lee
Transitioning from Employee to Self-Employed
Cheryl Mauldin
The Importance of Productivity in Business
Stacey Harmon
Digital Productivity
Kyrsten Sherwood
Work-Life Balance for Infopreneurs
Nicole Liloia
The #1 Problem Infopreneurs Face When Scaling
Marissa Stone
The Customer Journey
Summer Tannhauser
The Truth about Passive Income
Yann Ilunga
Email Marketing 101
Tamika Sims
Growing Your Brand Through Ambassadors
Deborah Meyer
Building a Team (Contractors vs. Employees)
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Real Reviews from Previous Years of the #InfopreneurSummit
Real Reviews of Last Year's #InfopreneurSummit
Here's What You'll Be Learning
▼     Here's What You'll Be Learning     ▼
  • Why You Need to "Niche Down" to Succeed as an Infopreneur 
  • How to Craft Your Personal Brand Successfully
  • How to Make Your Website Legally Compliant
  • How to Work with Clients and Affiliates the Legal Way
  • How to Get Free Publicity in the Media
  • How to Get Right with Your Money - Both in Mindset and in Accounting
  • How to Get Started Creating Infopreneur Revenue Streams like Ebooks, Online Courses, Coaching, and More
  • Why Infopreneurs Struggle to Scale and What You Can Do to Avoid It
  • Transitioning from Your Job to Becoming a Full-Time Infopreneur the Right Way
  • How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website
  • And so, so, SO much more!
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Infopreneur Summit really free?
Yes! You can watch all the free session interviews with every speaker when they go live from February 19 to 22, 2018 at no cost. There are opportunities to upgrade your learning experience, which you'll learn more about after you register.
Who is the Infopreneur Summit for?
The Infopreneur Summit was created for an audience of "beginning and budding infopreneurs". These are folks who desire to start a business online using their own life experience, knowledge and passions to create informational products and services like ebooks, online courses, coaching and masterminds and more! Infopreneurs call themselves a lot of other things, too, like bloggers, authors, course creators, coaches, and consultants. If you are starting your journey to becoming one of these, or you are ready to start, this virtual summit is for you!
Hi! I'm your summit host, Bailey Richert.
Business Coach for Beginning + Budding Infopreneurs
I help individuals launch profitable online enterprises as “infopreneurs”: respected experts in their fields creating value and generating income by sharing their life experience, knowledge and passions with others in a manner that supports their ideal lifestyles.
Learn more about me and my work at
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